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He Tried To Ride Off Into The Sunset

February 17, 2018

Garrett & Remington

Kevin Lewis’ article for WJLA states that: A man [Roy Shyreef Garrett] hired to help with an estate sale at a $5 million Potomac residence is accused of walking off with two Frederic Remington sculptures valued at $138,500.  So here is my question: if, as Lewis later states: Investigators said a network of cameras caught Garrett open a side door and place one of the Remington sculptures in bushes outside. Another camera reportedly captured Garrett carrying the second sculpture through the home’s wooden front door. The 27-year-old then placed both prized pieces of artwork in a black Jeep parked outside … then why is he just accused of stealing them?  Seems to me, he stole them and they have the video tape to prove it. I do understand that people are innocent until proven guilty, but how much more proof do you need?

Lewis goes on to report… Garrett has a lengthy criminal history, including charges of armed robbery, drug possession, assault, vandalism, trespassing and theft. He is also accused of stealing an Apple MacBook computer and Burberry clothing from the Potomac residence, valued at $2,800 combined.  So, then I must ask: why he was released on a $5,000 bond?

Source: Prized Remington ‘Bronco Buster’ sculptures stolen from $5 million Potomac mansion | WJLA