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Arantza Sestayo b. 1964
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Arantza Sestayo
b. 1964
Flowers and Molasses
18 9/10 x 11 inches
Arantza Sestayo
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City

Arantza Sestayo was born in San Sebastián, Basque Country (Spain), in 1964.

She acquired her artistic knowledge in a self-taught way and began to develop her professional career through the portraiture, the ceramic design and the cartoon backgrounds production.

She was commissioned by the Town Council of Castellón to decorate the façade of the Ateneo Culture House, and "Duende", a compilation of her works, including this decoration, was published.

In 2010, her book "Wicked Kisses" was released in several countries and she participated in "Vampires", both published by Norma Comics.

Much appreciated in the Fantastic Art world, her work can be seen in “Reinas de la Ilustración Española del Siglo XXI“ by Norma Editorial, "Rooie Oortjes" in Belgium, "LeewiART" in China, in "Game of Thrones 20th Anniversary" or Game of Thrones Calendar 2022 by Harper Collins Publisher, and publications as Spectrum: Fantastic Art by Flesk Publications, Infected by Art, S.Q.P. or ARC International Salon Competition Catalogs.

She has participated in noumerous art related events in different countries, exhibiting in some of them, such as Expomanga, The Terror Film Festival of San Sebastián, Salon del Cómic de Madrid, Cavacon, Lake Como Comic Art Festival, Illuxcon or NYCC. Some images of her works have been used in merchandising products by Schmidt, Bioworld, and Heavy Metal.

First Place in Imaginative Realism/15th ARC Salon 2020.

Third Place Imaginative Realism/13th ARC Salon 2017.

Best Illustrated Work/Imaginamálaga 2011

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Arantza Sestayo
b. 1964
Oil on canvas on board
29 1/2 x 13 inches
Arantza Sestayo
b. 1964
Flowers and Molasses
18 9/10 x 11 inches