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Scott Fischer (Born 1971)
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Scott Fischer
(Born 1971)
Oil on panel
18 x 24 inches
Scott Fischer
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City

Scott M. Fischer is a graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design.


Primarily known as an illustrator, Scott’s work is celebrated globally, appearing in well known franchises from Star Wars to Harry Potter. He is a multiple #1 NY Times best selling illustrator for his work ‘Peter Pan in Scarlet’ (Simon and Schuster) and Jodi Picot’s ‘Between the Lines’ (Simon and Schuster). His client list includes the likes of Disney, Sony, Blizzard, Random House, Cartoon Network.


As an instructor, Scott is a core faculty member at the highly regarded Illustration Master Class and SmArt School, where he is helping a new generation of artists hone their vision. He is also a member of the influential art blog, Muddy Colors.


His personal/fine art paintings have been featured by Hi Fructose magazine, Juxtapose magazine, Imagine FX, and International Artist magazine, and hang in collections around the world.

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Scott Fischer
(Born 1971)
Oil on panel
18 x 24 inches