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William A. Suys, Jr.
(Born 1955)

Salut a Trois Couleurs

Oil on canvas on board

6 x 6 inches

Framed dimensions:

10 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches


BIOGRAPHY - William A. Suys, Jr. (Born 1955)


Bill Suys is a master painter whose work is included in national and international collections. His paintings and commissioned portraits have been selected to hang in national and international exhibitions, including The Oil Painters of America, the Art Renewal Center Salon, the Salon International at the International Museum of Masters of Contemporary Fine Art, and the Portrait Society of America.   

Following 20 years in corporate life, Suys turned to painting full-time in 1995.  He has traveled the world to select art for a private corporate collection. Bill holds degrees in Business and Art, and has taught classes and workshops in a variety of venues. 


Artistic Philosophy:

I believe a successful piece of art – whether subjective or abstract, painting or sculpture – takes on a life and spirit of its own. Beyond simply viewing the work, you become personally involved in it. The most successful work can be measured by its ability to compel the viewer into its environment and to touch emotions in a unique and timeless way, with the best work staying fresh and compelling forever. 

The blank canvas gives me absolute freedom to create. I have the same opportunity afforded past artists from Leonardo to Sargent. My joy as an artist comes from taking maximum advantage of this oportunity by creating work that possesses its own artistic heart and soul; a presence that emanates from the painting. This challenge leaves me feeling both humbled and exhilarated.

I am committed to artistic excellence, lifelong improvement, and a body of work that will stand the test of time.