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Marc Scheff

(Born 1976)


Mixed Media

7 x 5 inches


BIOGRAPHY - Marc Scheff (Born 1976)

Marc Scheff

Marc Scheff was born and raised in Boston, MA. He attended Harvard University where he studied Computer Science. He moved to San Francisco during the tech boom of 1999 and subsequently earned a degree in Illustration from Academy of Art University.

Marc has always loved to draw. His dad is a pediatrician and had loads of free sticky pads and pens from pharmaceutical salespeople. Marc would borrow all the free sticky note pads and pens from his dad's office and fill them with his drawings. 

He moved away from art in college, assuming that art wasn't a viable career option. While working in tech he took the intro drawing class at the Academy of Art. Charcoal drawings of cubes and spheres brought back every inch of passion he had through high school. Within a few short years he had enrolled full time.
Marc spent the following years working as an artist who could wear many hats. Illustrator, concept artist, game builder, group project cruise director, even creative director and art director. He continues on with many of these projects in his spare time. 

Marc currently has work showing in in New York, Denver, and California. His current resin work earned him a solo show with Haven Gallery, a 6 person show with Rehs Contemporary, and a Gallery Award with the ARC Salon. 

Marc currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY with his wife, son, daughter, and two faithful huskies.