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You Cannot Sell The Basquiat … Oh, Yeah? We’ll See About That

May 4, 2018


A 12 x 12 foot Basquiat painting is at the center of a bitter family dispute.  It seems that Dolores Neumann changed her will (on her death-bed) and gave a controlling interest (80%) in Basquiat’s Flesh and Spirit (valued at $30M) to her 51-year-old daughter Belinda along with disinheriting her husband claiming “physical abuse”.

What is interesting is that Dolores has two other daughters, each of whom was given just 10% interest in the painting.  Talk about a ‘favorite child’.

Belinda has put the work up for sale at Sotheby’s and her father is suing to stop the auction.  There isn’t much time for this one to play out since the sale is next week.

Source: Dad sues his daughter to stop auction of Basquiat masterpiece