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Turning Your Christopher Wool Into A Lucio Fontana

May 3, 2018

Nicholas & Harold Morley

It seems that Nicholas Morley, son of art collector Harold Morley, decided to alter the look and value of one of his father’s paintings.  Harold consigned a Christopher Wool painting (valued at $2.95M) to Opera Gallery in Aspen, Colorado.  On May 1, Nicholas flew from the UK to Colorado, entered the gallery, and slashed his father’s painting with a razor.  The motive is not yet known … maybe he thought he would improve its value by turning it into a Fontana?

Damaged Wool

In a letter that Harold sent to the gallery, attempting to play down the whole incident, he is quoted as saying We could even put it up for sale now for $3.5m on the basis it is ‘famous’.

Source: Extraordinary moment British man ‘walked into a Colorado art gallery and slashed $3million painting belonging to his FATHER’ – as US police issue warrant for his arrest

Source: Suspicious man uses knife to destroy $3 million painting in Aspen gallery | AspenTimes.com