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Judy Tucker – Art Restorer & Angry Racist Old Fart

April 16, 2018

Judy Tucker

While this is not really an ‘art related’ story, it is something that still plagues our society … racism … and in this instance, it does have an ‘art’ connection.  It appears (I say appears because all I have read are a few of the many articles and watched a partial video) that Judy Tucker, a Georgia art restorer, flew off the handle and hit a pregnant service women in the face.  Here is the real stupid part … this was all over a parking space.  Come on people … get a life!

Well, Tucker was arrested on battery charges and then released on $650 bond — guess she is not much of a flight risk!  This is not only a real sad statement of our society, but also a great lesson on how one stupid move can impact your business.  As of now, her business’s Facebook page has a 1 star rating (with thousands of negative comments), its website is down and has 69 1 star ratings on Google (all of which seem to have been posted today).

Source: Three Racist Old Farts Taunt And Attack Service Women For Being Black, One Arrested

Source: Woman charged for scuffle with pregnant servicewoman at Macon Cheddar’s

Source: 71-year-old hits pregnant woman at Macon Cheddar’s, police say. The video goes viral