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A Possible 1,400,000% Return — A Buy And Hold Story

March 28, 2018


People are always asking which of the works they are considering will bring the greatest return.  Our reply is always the same: nobody has a crystal ball, but if you buy great quality works, in great condition, from the right period for the artist, and hold them for a long time, odds are you will do ok with most.  Of course, the big question is: How long is a long time?

Well, Elizabeth and Frederick Stafford were two Americans who travelled to Paris in 1955. During their trip they purchased Brancusi’s “La Jeune fille sophistiquee (Portrait de Nancy Cunard)”, directly from the artist, for about $5,000.  Fast forward 63 years (a pretty long time) and the work is going to hit the market this May and is expected to bring more than $70M.  Guess we need to wait just a little longer to see what the actual return is.

Source: A Brass Sculpture Could Deliver a 1,400,000% Return for Heirs