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AVAILABLE: Louis-Joseph Courtat’s “Le Réveil de Vénus” (The Awakening of Venus)

January 22, 2018

Le Réveil de Vénus

We recently posted to our available online inventory one of the most important paintings by the 19th century French artist Louis-Joseph Courtat to have ever appeared on the market – Le Réveil de Vénus (The Awakening of Venus) … painted and then exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1883.  The painting was listed in numerous publications at the time and praised by A. M. de Bélina in “Nos peintres dessinés par eux-mêmes, notes humoristiques et esquisses biographiques” as a picture full of light, with remarkable coloring.

This painting will be featured in our booth at the upcoming Palm Beach Show.

Source: Louis-Joseph Courtat’s Le Réveil de Vénus (The Awakening of Venus)