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A Real Stupid Move

September 6, 2017


Norman Rockwell “Shuffleton’s Barbershop”

There isn’t much time left to stop the sale of the 40 works from the Berkshire Museum and every option should be explored. Lee Rosenbaum’s idea seems to be a good one. Could Williams College come to the rescue of the foundering Berkshire Museum and its endangered collection? The financially challenged Danforth Art Museum\School has shown how this might be done… 

Selling part of a museum’s collection to help fund its operations should be its last resort. While I personally see no issue with an institution selling off minor works of art that are never exhibited; in this instance, they plan on selling off some of their more important works!  A real stupid move if you ask me.

Source: CultureGrrl | How to Save the Berkshire Museum: A Roadmap Provided by the Endangered Danforth Art Museum