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JUST SOLD: Edouard Cortes’s “Champs Élysées, Lido”

August 5, 2017

Source: Champs Élysées, Lido – another classic Edouard Cortes (1882-1969) Paris street scene has made its way to a new home.

Edouard Cortes “Champs Élysées, Lido”

Paris, a city that has always been known for its celebrations and entertainment, is home to the Lido. Situated on the infamous Champs-Élysées, (about two and a half blocks from the Arc de Triomphe), the Lido has glistened in the city lights since 1946, and is still considered one of the world’s most prominent Cabarets. Today, the Lido still offers burlesque shows, combining music, comedy, and scantily clad women performing as they have since its beginning.

In 1946, Joseph and Louis Clerico purchased a venue which had been very fashionable in the 1920’s. It was not just their Italian heritage that inspired them, but their love of Venice and its celebrated Lido Beach, that influenced the décor of the club. The Lido invented the dinner show format that has become the standard for nightclubs all over the world. (www.lido.com)

In 1977 the Lido moved to a larger location and still remains under the ownership of the Clerico family.