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Where’s My $10 Million?

July 4, 2017


Rudolf Staechelin with Gauguin’s Nafea faa ipoipo

Like they always say … believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see (or in this case, read). This is especially true when it comes to private deals in the art world.  Back in 2015 the art world was abuzz with news that a Gauguin had sold for $300 million … making it the most expensive painting ever sold.  Well, a recent lawsuit has brought to light that the painting only (I say only) sold for $210 million … I feel real bad for the seller!!

Now, art dealer Simon de Pury is suing Rudolf Staechelin (the seller of the Gauguin)claiming that his $10 million commission was never paid.  Wonder if this will go to trial or settle?  My bet is the latter.

Source: Gauguin masterpiece dubbed ‘the world’s most expensive painting’ at centre of High Court battle