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SOLD: John F. Herring, Jr’s “Watering Horses”

April 6, 2017

John F. Herring, Jr. “Watering Horses”

Source: Watering Horses – this little beauty by the 19th century British sporting artist John F. Herring Jr. (c.1820-1907) did not last very long.  Herring, Jr. was born in Doncaster c.1820, to the well-known 19th century artist John F. Herring, Sr. (considered one of England’s greatest Sporting and Equestrian artists of the time).  It is no surprise that Herring, Jr. developed a love for painting – a passion that was also shared by his brothers Charles and Benjamin. Three of Herring, Sr.’s four sons became artists and painted in the same style as their father – often collaborating on a single painting.