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Available: Johann Berthelsen’s “5th Avenue Looking South from 59th St.”

April 26, 2017

Johann Berthelsen “5th Avenue Looking South from 59th Street”

Source: 5th Avenue Looking South from 59th Street – here is a classic New York street scene by Johann Berthelsen (1883 – 1972) that we just added to our available online inventory.

Berthelsen was Danish by birth and came to the United States, with his family, in 1890.  He studied music at the Chicago Music College and after graduation, joined a theatrical group which toured the US and Canada.  After 5 years with the group he became a faculty member of the Chicago Music College.  He held that position for 3 years and then relocated to Indianapolis to take a position a the Indianapolis Conservatory of Music.

During his time in Chicago he came in contact with Svend Svendsen, a Norwegian artist specializing in winter landscapes, and while in Indianapolis he started taking art lessons from Wayman Adams.  By 1915 Berthelsen had opened his own art studio.  By 1920 he, along with his wife, moved to New York City where he began painting his most recognizable images … the streets of New York — a subject he would continue to explore until his death in 1972.